Latvian composers

Andris Dzenītis E(GO)

Andris Dzenītis E(GO)

1. Dzenītis Andris Preludium. Light 9:11
2. Dzenītis Andris String Quartet No. 1 "Trataka. Point noir" 11:07
3. Dzenītis Andris Om, Lux Aeterna 9:51
4. Dzenītis Andris E(GO), Concerto for saxophone and orchestra 25:09
5. Dzenītis Andris Postludium. Ice 13:53



Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken-Kaiserslautern, conductor Karel Mark Chichon

Silesian String Quartet

Latvian Radio Choir, conductor Kaspars Putniņš

Arvydas Kazlauskas, saxophone, Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, conductor Normunds Šnē

Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, conductor Karel Mark Chichon

2009 -2014 live recordings

Since the beginning of our collaboration I have found Andris Dzenītis to be the very model of what a contemporary composer should stand for in our day and age. I regularly perform Andris’ music because it has a high emotional and artistic message. He writes very well for orchestra, which means that the musicians very quickly understand his structural and musical intentions. In fact, that is precisely why his music is so successful, because the public immediately hears music that reaches their hearts and minds and in so doing relates to the collective power of the musical experience. Andris is also deeply committed to helping shape the performance of his works. He has always been present at rehearsals for all the performances I have given of his compositions. This commitment to excellence is another reason why it is a great pleasure to collaborate with him now and indeed in the future.

Karel Mark Chichon

LMIC/SKANI 040 Latvian Composers series 


Opus Klassiek ,15.01.2019

The best introduction into the musical world of Andris Dzenītis - a name that one has to pay attention to.

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