Music for Winds by Latvian composers

1. Pēteris Plakidis - „Two scetches” for oboe solo 5:01
2. Pēteris Plakidis - „Prelude and Pulsation” for wind quintet 6:47
3. Pēteris Vasks - ”Music for Fleeting Birds” for wind quintet 7:49
4. 6. Pēteris Vasks - ”In Memory of a Friend” for wind quintet 10:25
5. Artūrs Grīnups - „Three visions” for wind quintet 9:14
6. Imants Zemzaris - „Four Preludes on an Alfrēds Kalniņš Theme” for wind quintet 12:53
7. Pēteris Plakidis - „Interplay”, concerto for soloist group and orchestra 18:18
8. Rihards Dubra - „Lux aeterna” for saxophone quartet 9:44
9. Indra Riše - „Die Mitbewegung” („Interaction”) for flute and organ 15:50
10. Rolands Kronlaks - „Ice Age” for clarinet solo 7:07
11. Ēriks Ešenvalds - „Impressions of Saaremaa” for clarinet and cello 11:59
12. Santa Ratniece - „Seven steps” for clarinet quartet 7:07
13. Marina Gribinčika - Concerto for oboe and chamber orchestra „Voyager” 11:17


CD 1
Vilnis Pelnēns, oboe

Wind Quintet of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra

Agnese Ārgale, piccolo flute
Vilnis Strautiņš, flute
Vilnis Pelnēns, oboe 
Arvīds Klišāns, french horn  
Alfrēds Neimanis, bass clarinet 
Latvian National Symphony Orchestra

Vassily Sinaisky, conductor

CD 2


Riga Saxophone Quartet
Imants Sneibis, flute
Ligita Sneibe, organ
Guntis Kuzma, clarinet
Česlavs Grods, clarinet
Baiba Jūrmale, cello
Clarinet quartet „Contraverso”
Normunds Šnē, oboe
State chamber orchestra „Sinfonietta Rīga”

The idea to publish this album of woodwind music by Latvian composers came from the flutist Vilnis Strautiņš, who intended to dedicate it to the late oboist Vilnis Pelnēns (1944-2006) – a colleague in the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Latvian Academy of Music and the LNSO Wind Quintet. The original plan was to release a collection of works composed during the „prime” period of the LNSO Wind Quintet – music by Grīnups, Plakidis, Vasks, and Zemzaris. However, it became clear that simply reminiscing would not be enough – the circle had to be made wider.

Thus, it was decided that two generations would meet on this double album: composers and performers debuting in the 1970s and the 1990s – teachers, students, colleagues, perhaps even rivals.

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